Monday, April 29, 2013

Rug Hook-In

 These two rugs I asked a lady if I could blog this...this will be wonderful when all done, I hope to see her again next year and take a picture of it..all around if you can see are trips that they went on..
 RED BARN RUGS here this is so beautiful to see in person...wish I could do a large one but have no room and with 4 -4 legged kids..I think not...
Here you can see more of Cathy's..I would like to try and to the sheep and home..we will see..I want to do the snowman and tree also...ok lets just say I love them all....

And here is a new company PINE ISLAND PRIMITIVES. I guess new to me I had never seen her patterns and was a fun day with some great friends, we went to West Allis laughed a ton..and just a great day...God Bless Joni and the kids


  1. Hi Joni,
    So glad you had a great time...wish I could have gone but it was just too quick for me to get my act together when I found out about it.
    The rugs are just beautiful.

  2. Could you tell me whose pattern they large house is as for me and my house we shall serve The Lord. And how to contact them?

  3. Red Barn Rugs..I have the pattern at the store or you can contact Cathy she has a facebook for red barn rugs..thank you have a wonderful day!

  4. I’m interested in the pattern for the 3rd rug on this post. It has the Star in the center with beige background. Then the outer border has leaves and acorns. I saw this pattern a few years ago at Sauder Village. Can you tell me the size and price of that pattern on linen