Friday, January 14, 2011


So here you can see we had a full class--the ladies all had a great time--If you are interested in learning to become a rug hooker, please stop by and see the great rugs already done,sign up for the class and enjoy. Kathy will be coming in twice a month..Many to choose from--if not interested in the class we also have wool for sale.  Have a great day!!! Snowing outside and more to come..My 4 legged children sure love it..


Hope everyone had a BLESSED MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.  The time goes by so fast and so much to do.  Family is so important just wish we all had more time to see everyone.  The store is going good--waiting weekly for new items coming in...Shows coming up so all shop owners can see all the new items and buy for you the customers...The store to me is my home as you can see I have the dinning room, living room, and bedroom..and yes FAITH MARIE my youngest is in the pictures too she just turned 1.   Enjoy the pictures more to come and yes soon I will be on top of this and getting pictures to you all sooner..GOD BLESS your day!!!!  Joni