Monday, December 6, 2010


Hi!!!! So sorry that it takes me so long to update...The store has been really busy--I thank God everyday for the blessings of all the customers that come thru my door... Thanksgiving is here and gone. The time sure goes fast--it seems to  me the older I get the faster the time goes..So as you can see I have  some great new items in the store...The Bench is on wheels and went to a customers home the first week I had it at the store. Thank-you---The hutch is black and beautiful sure holds alot of plates and anything you would love to have it there for show--it would be nice in anyone's home...Anyone looking for a clothes closet--come to Country Freckles this one you will fall in love with...And of course my children (dogs) came to the store and helped me...Faith Marie, my youngest turned 1 Dec 4th--Happy Birthday to you---and Kodi my son will be 3 in Feb- he had fun with my birthday balloons that Lisa got for me...Thank-you Lisa you are always so thoughtful...Well thank-you for checking out the blog--please check back again--if you want a good laugh go and check out
FaithHarvestPrimitives--Rhonda is going to school to be a beauty lady and she permed my hair--love the pictures--the perm is great also---Have fun everyone with your Christmas shopping---
                                 God Bless you All---Joni

Monday, November 8, 2010

Country Freckles 6th Christmas at our new home

Christmas at COUNTRY FRECKLES was WONDERFUL we had to open the doors early as I had great customers waiting...THANK-YOU each and everyone of you!!!! You made this weekened the best!! Cathy from RED BARN RUGS had alot of ladies happy to hear you can get her patterns and wool at the store...You all need to stop by and sign up for class. As you can see in the pictures all the wool in the cabinet and the table for all you would love to come and hook all day or just for an hour..  The coffee pot and hot apple cider and fresh cookies, sure made the store smell wonderful...we just couldn't make the cookies fast enough.. The store will be open 7 days a week till the end of the year..hours will be Monday-Saturday 10-5 and Sunday noon till 3:00.. Please stop by, and say hi!!!  Sorry the pictures came in slow just had alot to do in short 2 1/2 weeks we had to empty the old store and set almost 4000-square of floor--we did it not sure how..THANK-YOU again to GOD who gives me the strength to keep going and my family and friends for all your help.. This was made possible because of you..All my customers who said Joan great place it means alot to me.  HAVE A BLESSED MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year....


Well here you can see some pictures of the store before we set it for Christmas--so glad this is coming together..So many people have stopped to see what is going on soon the doors will be open..November 4th at 4:00 is the magic time... The open house was wonderful see the next set of pictures..Christmas is here.....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Store on the way!!!!! Working day and night!!!!

So here you can see the new store coming to life, tomorrow it will be 3 weeks of hard work...Thank you first of all to GOD who has made all this possible.  I prayed on this and placed it in his hands and asked what do I do help me!!! And he has...If it wasn't for my faith and family this would not be possible... Thank you to all my customers also..this is for you!!!! the building is 50x80 a ton of space...great location on 8th Street. It
will be easy to find Burger King is right next to the store..We have a ton of things to do--My Mother and Dennis have been so much help!!! I sure hope my 4 legged children still love there Mommie--they sure don't
see much of me...  I  will update you on photo's I have so many but here you can see the progress..Check back often...The old store will be open till mid October and than I will close to set the new store..this will be my 6th Christmas!!!! Thank you all for everything...Prayers and family and friends!!! Live everyday and love eveyday!!!  God Bless you all!!!!   Joni and the kids