Friday, July 29, 2011

Thank-you Karen--

A BIG THANK-YOU to KAREN--everyone please check out you are wonderful--thank-you for all the pictures of my store and your kind words..the first few photos happen to be for a lady who saw your blog and called me about this shelf that she saw on the pictures you took of my store--so to the lady who called me this is the shelf that the arm moves--the other photo is a different shelf but, the bottom bar is attached..This is my rug that I started to use up all my odd pieces of wool, not sure what the end results will be just kinda hooking and changing as I go..Cathy from RED BARN RUGS stopped in yesterday and I will be starting a new one that will have Country Freckles on it--can't wait-my first time with hooking a thicker cut--so we will see how that goes--have a Blessed weekened..again thank you so very much Karen and eveyone that looks at my blog..Also Karen was in the Country Sampler May of 2009--and see all the wonderful items you can buy from Karen on line.

Great Finds on the Way-

crocks and more crocks lined up

Some great finds to come they need alot of work, but, soon will look wonderful in the store..not sure how they could get in such tough shape, when the cabinets must of been lovely years ago.Could you imagine washing clothes in that wood box, boy oh boy we are so spoiled today.. The sun is out today and what a beautiful day--I have the day home- with a list a mile long to do..One of these days I would love to lay in the sun and relax--fall is coming at the store and Christmas items come in weekly--can't believe the year has gone by so fast. God Bless Joni and the kids

Happy Birthday Triton

Look at my beautiful girls!!!! My Lab TRITON had a birthday on Monday she is 9.  Freckles the chocolate cocker spaniel is 13- and Faith Marie is going to be 2.. That was the first time my Faith went swimming--i'm thinking she's not to sure of it..What a life my children have--I sure do love them. They love to be in Grammies room Ma went to SC for my niece's wedding--and they sure miss Grammie. The pool is for Triton she climbs the ladder in and out--what a smart girl--Hope you girls live forever--Mommie loves you sooo.
I tell them everyday how lucky you girls have it--They sleep,eat, and----...Happy Birthday Triton.....
God Bless everyone day!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rugs and more rugs

Stop in and get one of these wonderful rug kits from RED BARN RUGS--I have done 4 so far and with this weather outside it has been a blast--as you can see I haven't finished these as I'm not sure how too--the one that I'm working on I will show you as more is finished..I'm telling you 2 years ago I took the class--and when I saw the ladies at my store doing  rug after rug I thought get going Joan and so I am and once you start hooking you can't stop--I have the frame and that sure makes it so much easier--the smallest one is number 1 and 2 is the brownish one and 3-4 I did them kinda the same stop in and have fun..we have classes once a month.  have a wonderful week everyone--God Bless Joni and the kids


I'm thinking FALL --It is way to HOT out side for me--Can't wait for the 70's--I'm not a swimmer so this weather is to hot to weed,walk,talk anything--I'm sure the hot flashes don't help..What us women have to go thru.  I'm slowly changing the store over--in a few weeks we go to a show in Ohio can't wait--just hope the weather is alittle cooler..The sun is shinning out just beautiful and my 4 legged children just look out the patio door--they want so bad to play but, they just love being in the air..Check out the treenware pumpkins-not sure if I will get anymore-as the company still hasn't decided what is going on..this week Judy Condon's new book will be out--call or stop in for your copy..God Bless you all Joni and the kids

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Soon to Be Fall at Country Freckles

A cabinet full of wonderful blankets just waiting for you..The pillow with the crow on a customer made it is a must to see. What a beautiful antique chair I have 2 the other chair is a little different-watch for updates. Treenware on the shelves today--hopefully the company will still be with us in a few weeks--I'll keep you updated on that. This whitish cabinet is on sale and would go any place in your home, check out this black cabinet with the glass it's on sale also--stop in and check them out--I'll be back soon with FALL at Country Freckles--have a wonderful day!!! God bless Joni and the kids

Red ware and Pewter Great Finds

If you love Turtle Creek and Shooner and Wis Pottery stop in they have been flying off the shelf. What a beautiful lamp--would love to take that home--but, the way that Faith and Kodi run in the house that would be in a hundred pieces on the floor..Alot of great Pewter items also..

Heat Wave of Wisconisn

So how is everyone enjoying this summer??? The heat wave is here oh my!!!! It's early this morning can't sleep thinking of all the homes with out air--and me the animal lover all the dogs outside in this heat..My 4 children (dogs) have the air on and sleep with me how many have to be outside in this heat-They say this will last till at least Friday--hope my air in the store can keep up with this--or we just have to think back in the days no one had air so the store is prim all the way..A few weeks ago the first few photo's are from the farmers market in the town of Rome. It was a wonderful day every Friday they have fresh produce and invited me out to share with them my store ...2 wonderful rugs from Red Barn Rugs--get that fall rug hooked more patterns to come.  That eagle is wonderful.I'll be starting on my 5th rug so far I'm still loven it .This Saturday a customer came in with 2 of her rugs just wanted to share them with you..
Stay cool and I just keep thinking of snow--God Bless Your Day!!