Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rug Hook In and more new rugs

What a beautiful tree--I look out the front window and this is what I see..So the hook in was a great time--alot of ladies who took the class with RED BARB RUGS went to the hook in..the photo is Joyce,Cathy and Ellen..look at the first rug--would love to hug this rug but, I'm sure this would take me years--I need to learn to do small ones and maybe 15 or so more before I even tryed. the leave pattern was one that we can do whatever we want-so I'm using my left overs first. The 2 rugs from Carol in Lodi Cottage House Primitives is hooked with a thicker cut- so that should be fun..all the ladies had a great time and Joyce already stopped in the store this week and has one done--I'm telling you once you start hooking you can't stop..The watering can rug was just beautiful--it is so much fun to see what everyone does and all the ideas..I meant to take more photos to share, but, was so excited that the time just went by..God Bless You All..


What a job--oh my first we went and got some old barn wood--I had to clean and stain all of it--just wish I got more--could only do 2 walls--the front of the house has red and brown brick so thought this would turn out wonderful-so with the bay window I have started to paint with the Country Living Paprika paint since it sticks to any surface--than I stained some areas to see if it will work and yes--yes it will..This is a project that will get done in Jan-March..No time for the house with Christmas coming to Country Freckles.. I need to trim and stain alot of areas--but, I wanted to play alittle so hung some festoon curtains on old broom handles and some clothes line.have to change the lite and decorate with a Christmas tree and on and check back and see when its done--God bless your evening..Joni and the kids

Porch to Room

             So here we go I did love my porch but, my son Kodi(dog) he barks at everyone and everything that goes by the house..I stained these boards till 11 at nite had to get them done while the weather was warm--the room is coming together great--just wish it was bigger..I'm learning to down load photo's on my new lap top and it is not working so I have to try on the old one--check back thanks.

Friday, October 7, 2011

new pictures

Is this a great island or what!!! It was a special order and the customers just loved it!!!

                 Great island or TV stand--good behind the sofa too!!! Stop in and check it out.
                                                         Nice set back cupboard perfect size..
                                                           another new piece
                            Had two chimney cabinets both gone have to get more than 2 next time.

  This was the tallest of the two-- same customers that had the island ordered took this home also.