Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here is my Triton Samelea, she is such a good girl--I just Love her so much..she has always been such a good girl----
just look at this flowers, they all opened up the other morning, the sun was out for a little while, years ago my mother gave me slip of the yellow flowers, and they have just taken you can see I'm learning to post and today it seems like I can't figure out how to stop loading photo's and post, so please have patience with me..Have a great week ahead..
And here on the side of the garage, going to add a little sitting area, this way when it rains the kids can still be out and not get too wet and muddy.  And you know how that goes it starts to not be enclosed and in time it would be nice to add windows and walls, more areas to add the great finds we all find..
What a mess trying to get my driveway done, been here for 10 years, and look at this, you need a boat, not a car..of course when they try to pour, it pours out.  this sure has kept me busy with the mess in the yard and 4 dogs, this is why its been a week since I updated my they poured the center, once done I'll give you an update picture..
I just love this Tasha Rocker--this is so comfortable..The last one that came to the store in 2 days it was gone.  The customer said it looks great its for her porch..Can't wait for the next show in a few weeks getting low on furniture..keep checking back..thanks and God Bless Your Day!
So proud of my niece Amanda, graduated in the top 6 out of 175 classmates..this is my brother Joe, and his son Joseph, and daughter Sam, and she turns the big 21,boy I remember when I turned 21, and than there sister Rachael.  I am taking the picture so of course no Auntie Joni ever in pictures.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Here is the front porch of my house, this is the first year that I just love it..The Bunting yes it, is from Country Freckles. And yes I do have more for sale!!!! This hot weather sure has made the hosta's grow, I will be taking more pictures as the flowers begin to bloom.

This flower bed continues around the house, sometimes I wonder why we give ourselves so much work, this is relaxation and therapy..A time for thoughts of our great Lord for the beauty he gives us daily, and the strength to keep going.  God Bless Your DAY !!!  I'm learning to blog so please bare with me and check back..  Joni

Primitive Cupboard Amish Made

This is a great piece for showing off your great Redware plates, wooden bowls or your favorite crocks.  Keep the cupboard doors closed and enjoy your extra storage.  Some items featured: Black Crow Candle Company, handwoven runners and primitive lighting all US made.

Keep checking back, I will be featuring other primitive/Amish made items.

Blessings, Joni