Thursday, April 26, 2012

4th of July items coming in

Stop in and see all the summer items coming in--is George great or what??? it is hand-did-check out the great pillow-alot of the items are made locally--the wide cut and torn class was so much fun-this is my sun-flower- it was fun to hook with such wide wool.  I thought I had more pictures but, not sure what happened--I will post some more-sorry it has been some time since i updated my post-so many things have been going on-as I'm sure everyone else has a fast paste life. God Bless You All and check back--joni and the kids

update on the kids

Hi!!! I always have to update you on my kids--here you can see when we go for a walk Cerwyn wants her sister Faith to go her way--the whole walk all I do is laugh--here you can see she is helping Grandma--and look at this sad face she stays at the store all day with me and she wants to go home