Monday, February 21, 2011

Back from the shows GREAT FINDS

So here you can see a few of the great finds---the weather was great and so was the shopping..Stop in and see what you like...alot of new items still to come getting orders in every week...Today here in Wisc we have a snow storm--we have at least 12 inches and some places 2 feet--the winds are terrible--wanted to get to the store today but, I'll just stay home and play with the kids in the snow---think spring-- God Bless Your Day!!  Joni

Rug Class in Session

So here the ladies are having a great day!!!! So many rugs to choose--what do I do first??? We have had 2 classes of beginners--and so far everyone has just enjoyed it so very much--stop in and sign up--you will love it!!!  Have a wonderful day check back soon...