Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chicago Show

 Fun show in the Windy City of Chicago always great memories of going back home, just never time to do anything else but the show.
 Here is my truck and a great man that I think thought my sister and I had been somewhat silly, as I saw some furniture that I really wanted for the store and had no idea it it would work in my truck, so we had no tape measure so we used toilet paper, if you want something bad enough you will find a way.

 The Island is just wonderful see this is why I used toilet paper I so wanted this to come to the shop.

New patterns Red Barn Rugs

 You must stop in any Thursday and see all the fun we have here at Country Freckles/Tin Roof Coffee House, 2 different ladies hooked the same rug, it is so fun to see what we all do different.
This is a great pattern from Pine Island Primitives, it looks so great finished this week I will get a new update for you.

Updates at Country Freckles

Oh Boy oh boy, had no idea these bags would go so fast more to come in a few weeks if interested please call or message me as I have a list waiting already, all re-cycled canvas.  Thank-you ladies for coming in as fast as I posted them on facebook