Sunday, March 25, 2012


The class was soooo much fun-a great time to learn to hook with wide cut or torn wool--visit with great ladies--it always becomes a social event we all talk and share ideas-compare the rugs-give each other a hard time--you are so good--you have so much done already--once you take a class--you pick a rug to do and than the other rugs that you had as an option--you want to do that also--I worked on the flower--and enjoyed hooking--Ma had to bring in Cerwyn Jo--so she could come and say look at me I'm a pretty girl--as customers came in I sure had to share with them that we had a store of hookers--and come and join us..we had 11 ladies for the class--if you'd like to come and join us for a class--just call--or stop in and see all the wonderful patterns..Have a great week!! God Bless Your Day!! Joni and the kids

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Had a great time on my trip last week--it was a long drive there and back--the weather was in the high 80's--that was not fun--not ready for this heat yet--and when you have to run back and forth and carry all your great finds and reload and load the trailor it gets hot--stop in and enjoy--today I had a busy day with customers stopping in and buying a lot of the new stuff--wish I could keep it all for myself--to bad my house is small--Thank-you Ma for all your help--not sure how I could do it all on my own--a lot to price and keep everything straight--this Saturday we will have a rug hooking class-so check out my blog again as I will post all the fun we will have--yes I get to take class--can't wait..The news in on and they say it will cool down and rain is on the way--I need to get the weed and feed on the lawn..God Bless each of you --Joni and the kids

Pictures of the kids--love you all

                                                    FAITH MARIE

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Updates at Country Freckles

 Here you can see our sweet little Reba Marie--March 20th it will be 3 years already that we lost our little girl--that was something we had no idea the day we took her to the vet that they would tell us that it was time--for 4 months I had taken her pulse and given her heart medicine 4 times a day- as we were told she had heart problems-- after she had a echo cardigram in Appleton -well that was going fine--instead she started bleeding from her nose--they believe that she had nose cancer--and with her heart condition nothing could be done--that was a very hard time for LOVE You Reba Marie..and miss you--we do have a part of her--Faith Marie is her niece and she is 2 and our blondie..
 I just love this photo--that same summer Reba Maire died --Freckles was out in the flower garden just sitting next to Reba's little statue.  Freckles is 13 must say that is a perfect picture..
 So here is a new pattern from RED BARN RUGS--sorry not sure how I can turn this --1 kit and 1 pattern sold already--still have some more--stop by..
 Some great new antiques just arrived at Country Freckles Saturday--you will love them and want them all--stop by and check them out--these won't last long at all..
                 Perfect size for next to your bed--or sofa--the handmade rug looks wonderful on the table..
                                               VERY VERY old dry sink....
                     This old cabinet would look wonderful full of RED BARN Rugs wool....
                               Great old corner cabinet..
 March 24th --we will be having a class on wide torn rugs--sign up if interested--2 of the patterns we will be working on--that day hard to believe--my DAD Robert will be gone 30 years--love you DAD and not a day goes by that I don't miss you and love everyone reading this call your DAD and tell him that you love him.. GOD BLESS You DAD!!!

 If you don't want to become a (hooker) rug hooker than you can buy some of these great hand-did pillows..they are from India but, they are had hooked..just beautiful..
                                   Just a few more to see--a lot of different ones in the store..This week I will be gone to Columbus Ohio for a show--the new Judy Condon garden book is in and a lot of great ideas for your flower gardens.. So make sure you stop in and see all the new items I will bring back from the show..God Bless You--Joni and the kids