Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

May You All have a Blessed Merry Christmas and Happy New Year--This is the reason for Christmas today is Jesus birthday Happy Birthday Jesus....Health and Happiness to everyone in the new year..Today my family is here in Tomah at my sister's this is always so wonderful to be together--we just wish that the baby of the family could be with us..he lives in South Carolina and has 5 children at home--so kinda hard to be here with all of us. Merry Christmas to you Steve and Tonia and Elizabeth,Maria,Stephen,Felicity, and Joseph..we miss you all and love you....God Bless you all Joni and the kids--

Few updates for you

           Here you can see a few rugs that Red Barn Rugs brought in just in time for this winter weather..
     This is a great rug it was my 3 one still learning and loving it--I'm a hooker and loving it!!!!!
   Just a snap shot of the store--yesterday I started taking it all down--sad that you work so hard to get the look you want and it comes down so fast...
         This chair is so comfortable looks like it won't be but, stop over and try it...great wool rugs.
 Another great new rug of Red Barn Rugs this might be the next one--I'm in the process of doing 3 at this time--so once they are done--this looks like the next one..check back for updates on rugs Cathy stopped in the other day and she has a new one that I just love--the pattern is not out until she is done..
               Spring is it on the way no--not yet great to start the bunny today so its done for spring..

                               Faith Family and Friends is all we need this is a wonderful gift..