Thursday, April 18, 2013


All you Harley lovers this is made in Union Grove and it has old barn wood in can see by the S that a horse either kicked it there of licked it really cool..
 This item is the special of the if you go to my Face book and share the special I add your name to a drawing..and every week someone thank you for sharing..

 This is a great bench for the hallway or in the kitchen instead of 2 chairs at the table..many places it can go...
 Love this sign and of course my daughter (dog) her  name is Faith Marie...
 ok so many people love the kids so I have some items with dog and cat so stop in a great gift, for all of us animal lovers...

This was the gift that was won because they shared my page the week before..a circle mat and plate, candle and candle ring some melts and a metal stand with battery check it out and SHARE....THANK-YOU

THESE ITEMS WILL BE GOING TO CAMP COCKER RESCUE..PLEASE look up there page on face book..I love all animals but my heart is with the cocker this will all go to them to make some money to help as many 4 legged children that they can..look up Sammy the cocker spaniel and see how terrible people (monsters) can be...

YES THE DRIVE THRU WINDOW HAS CEDAR SIDING..took them only 2 hours to take the old metal doors out and add this window and all..can't wait..always wanted to have the coffee shop so here we go..God Bless all of you..Spring will be here I hope some day soon...

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  1. Hope you have to brew up lots!!!
    So many wonderful goodies you got in.
    Someday soon ~ hope to get by your store for a visit!!!
    Prim Blessings