Monday, June 13, 2011

Some more sale cabinets

the bench is long and narrow great for a hallway or a bedroom, mud room, childs room..
love these purple flowers not sure what they are but, they are gorgeous--and grow like weeds..
Here is Triton Samela, walking down the pathway to her mommy--thats me!!! she is saying glad to see you!!
And here is Faith she loves to sit in the chair in the front porch--or in the back on the deck--what a sweetheart.


drop leaf table also in good shape
anyone going on a trip soon stop in and get your suit case--or make a table out of them you always see old suit cases in all the country magazines.. The rocking chair is wonderful--you have to stop in and check it out, it is in great condition..The next chair I have 3 how great it would be around your kitchen table..The old desk is wonderful sure wish I had room at home for that..The caining on all the chairs looks like it is the original..