Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fall is the air at COUNTRY FRECKLES

The pumpkins on this table look so real!!!! I'll try to get a up close picture..It was hot and humid today-- looking at the fall items in the store--its hard to think that soon it will be back in the 50's that is my kinda of weather..
Hard to believe it is that time of year again...Have alot more coming in...Please check back for more pictures..

Country Freckles

This cute little dry sink was in the store for 3 days!!!! 3 other great furniture items sold also--sorry no picture forgot the camera that day!!! I learned to keep it with me at all times...
This was a great island!!! It was in my store less than 1 week---I guess that was a good fine for me!!!! Have to get another one--not tooo many customers saw it!!! I price items affortable so we can all enjoy them!!! Stop in and check me out-promise you will not be dissappointed....
See this nice husband, daughter and dog---well they decided to enjoy the day outside my store while the wife/mother was able to shop!!!! What a great guy!!!! How many of us would have a husband or boyfriend who would do that for us????
Here is Rob and my little girl Faith, he just got back from a cycle ride, love the hair Rob!!!!!
Auntie Chris helping Felecity---really Chris couldn't wait to have a piece of cake!!! Chris loves Burnstads cake from Tomah any excuse to get a cake from them...I love donuts only!! No cake for me...
Here is the birthday girl Happy Birthday to you Felecity!!!!! Can't believe she is 5 already!!! Love you, Auntie wishes she could see you more SC is so far away!!!!!

Fouth of July with SC family

Here we have Grandma and Joseph, this in there 7th little one...What a sweet baby!!! Slept thru the parade...He came here all the way from SC to see it. Here is my little girl (4 legged) Faith Marie at her first parade..And Felecity...
Here the family is for the 4th in Tomah, my brother Steve and his family. It was so great to see them!!! What a great day!!! It rained but, we still had fun..

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Items At Country Freckles

Welcome to Country Freckles ********************************************
I am having trouble getting my blog up and going this week. So please check out Faith Harvest Primitives' blog for updates on my store. Thank you so much for your patience. Blessings, Joni ****************************

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Went to a show this past Monday what a great find.


Here is the store a total mess--this is the fun part--time to go and change the store around...

 Look at this great find, just love it.  It looks like you just walked into a old country kitchen will I ever get done???


This is a new color called Mushroom--it looks like it would go into a corner but, the back is flat.
Look at this could you can use this piece anyplace in your home..
Here is a great island for your kitchen!!!! Stop in and check these great finds.. 


Here you can see another great find!!! These old doors have all the old handles also...I have more but, check back and see them way too many to show at one time...Have a great day!!! And a safe and Happy Fourth!!!!
NORTHWESTERN here I come, here is AMANDA at her party, and the oldest nephew Robert..
Here is Amanda's cake. I'm So proud of her--I will miss her--Please God watch over her.
This is the whole family. Ma and her 4 children. We all had a great time seeing each other. We all get so busy in life that we just don't see each other as much as we would love too...My brother came in from SC and his family we will see this weekened. Love you all so much..