Monday, September 24, 2012


Stop in and see all the new things..hard to beleive soon will be the 8th CHRISTMAS at COUNTRY still have some fall left..had a blast at the show..always alot of goodies to get..We have open rug hooking on Thursdays still..stop in and hook with us..God Bless..Have a Blessed Day!! Joni and the kids...

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Stop in and get your fall rug kit or pattern..The weather is changing and time to start hooking...
My FRECKLES came home today!! Thank-you to all my customers and friends that have prayed for her and me..she was a wonderful little girl..God Bless Joni and the kids

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Today is a very sad day for me..This is FRECKLES and she left me today all on her own for the past 44 day she has been lame in the left we did test and found out she has lymes and annaplomose so she has been treated for that and she just wasn't getting better so I took her in for x-rays and found out she has bone this morning we ate and had water and pain meds and I was holding her and said I am just gonna let you lay down for a minute and she took 1 breath and I said FRECKLES and she took one more and she was gone..missed for ever..she is with her sister Reba Marie (dog) she died 3 years today 9-9-12 at 9:25 she chose she couldn't fight any longer and knew me her ma was having a hard time wondering when to let go she did it for me..LOVE You is her and Reba in the flowers..Freckles loved to help me weed and as you can see I need to weed, but, she has needed me inside taking care of God Bless you all..Love Joni and the kids..

Sunday, September 2, 2012


 On Thursday we have open hooking at COUNTRY FRECKLES and Cathy from RED BARN RUGS happen to stop in..oh look at these beautiful new patterns..

 Is surprises us all how fast Cathy can get these done and they are always perfect..I have along way to go to get there...

 I have this pattern at the store for sale and never would of thought this is how it would be done..LOVE IT!!!
And here is one of Cathy's patterns getting there still have along way to go..I try to hook when FRECKLES sleeps..Have a Blessed Weekend..God Bless Joni and the kids