Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New pics and new patterns from Red Barn Rugs

1965 was the year of this beautiful chair it is solid as ever..

Local wood maker made this great box
love this old prim piece
Some Life is Good items many more to come..
Great fall rug to do you still have plenty of time!!!!

another new rug from RED BARN RUGS

the one above is the normal rug Cathy changed it for me--

I'm done this was number 5--love it all scrap pieces..

Wonderful old rocker redone
                                         just the rite size bowl rack with-pegs on the bottom--it will fit any place-- thank you for checking my blog---hot weather is on the way tomorrow---I have central air just in time--God Bless Your Day!!!! Joni and the kids---  lots to do tonight-- as I'm typing my daughter Faith is barking up a storm-I sure do love my babies--even though they have 4 legs...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trip to Ohio and back

       This was a full trailor--we shopped for 4 days 7x14 trailor came in handy
    the whole family on the table at home getting ready to come to the store...

                 Turkeys here 1 day gone the next all gone already!!!

   Doesn't this look real???? the mice sure went fast on Tuesday--just a few left..
                                                   Look at this sweet face!!!
    Some big crows--everyone loves crows this is year round
    A TV cabinet great area to display--this was shown in the Country Sampler
                                                             A beautiful antique table
       Do you need a TV table or maybe in the hall way or behind the sofa--come check it out!!!

    This chair is my favorite---yes its all about the 4 legged kids--well it sold the first day!!!

     Nice size dry sink not too big just the right size--great color also

 Look at this cabinet--this would be wonderful in the kitchen with potatoes,and onions-in the bins
a wonderful pumpkin man,turkey and the cat lady--what a great job on all these hand-did items

                                                                 Nice bowl cubby
                             Great cabinet for the counter top to hide all the stuff!!!
                                           Nice cookbook cubby or anyplace..
              Had 4 parlor tables and 2 sold already I have 1 mustard and 1 black..
 This chair is so comfortable--love the black and mustard check-- The trip to Columbus Ohio was a blast--we had a wonderful time
Here you can see this picture was to be at the top of the blog--I'm still learning..

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hail Storm

The calm after the storm

                                                    Little ice pebbles left after the storm

What a cute little face on Family Heirloom Weavers blankets sold at Country Freckles....they wash well!!!

Last week we had quarter size hail that came down..I think it was 3 years ago when we had a huge hail storm here in the Rapids they had been softball size..still have some in the freezer--little Faith went out side after the storm and was eating them then decided to go and take a nap--God Bless each of you check back next week I'll have some photo's of the trip to Columbus--and many great finds--


                                      Old apple baskets....anybody ready for apple pie????

Here you can see the cabinets from the last blog they made it to the store--sure was fun to decorate them.  What a great buggy seat check out the latest Country Sampler its on the front is in great condition.. A fun and old rocker that also is in great condition. The bowl of pumpkins sure makes me think of fall--not many treenware bowls left..come and get them it looks like what I have will be it.. the white pumpkin has a huge open mouth they show it with candy but, it sure looks great with a candle inside or a single lite..I leave on Monday to go to Columbus Ohio, can't wait to spend some time with Rhonda and shop..its alot of fun but, such crazy fast pace shopping, you can't think you just have to grab..have a Blessed Day!! Joni and the kids...