Thursday, January 24, 2013


 OK GALS CATHY FROM RED BARN RUGS STOPPED IN TODAY AND GUESS WHAT??? MORE NEW PATTERNS...This sheep I will do next love the warm colors..he is so cute!!!!!
 MARY JO stopped in with her finished rug...the pattern is at the store so stop by and get yours and start hooking..come and join us on Thursdays if you would like...
 Ellen has started on hers already..this would be great to use with all the left over wool we have..I have a few patterns so stop and get one..Grab a candle go home lite the candle the house will smell great and you will enjoy hooking this rug...
The wool for the back round is just beautiful with all the colors in it..stop by and start to hook this pattern and by spring it will be done...


  1. Beautiful! Can you buy these patterns online???

    1. yes you can order it from me and i can mail it out freckles

  2. Ha!! Joni Girl, you beat me!!! I haven't even uploaded my pics yet!! Had fun today....Will fall asleep dreaming of rugs I wanna hook and things I wanna BUY!!! Great seeing you again...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin