Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spring is on the way

Can't wait to be outside in the flower beds--this will be soon--it looks like a jungle--the beginning of the season they look so small--and than watch out--can't wait the kids (dogs) want to be outside so bad to play-and walk just hope this summer its not so hot..
                        This was a great cabinet it was in the store 2 weeks need to get more of this one.
 Margaret's rug love all the colors--we have open rug hooking every Thursday, from 10-8 as long as a few ladies come in if I have no one by six in the evening than we will see you the next week.
                    Ellen is going to town on this cat of hers--once you start you can't stop..
                                          Sherry stopped in to show us her rooster--this will be wonderful done..
Have to show off the kids here is Faith the blonde one and look at my sweet Freckles she looks so small compared to her sister..

This little one will be coming home soon to add to the family not sure of her name any ideas??? so far thinking of Sofia Jo?? she is a doll she was born 12-21--so that makes 3 of the girls born in December..
                                                Is she a doll or what????
                                         Her litter mates 7 total 2 girls and 5 boys..
 Looking for a table/bench??? Well if so stop at Country Freckles--wonderful display piece-table-and bench..
 So here we have a new brother--he was born November 20-who would of thought a month later the little girl came--different breeders--Dennis named him Harley of course he has a Harley he is so tiny--we ran to the vet last nite as he was having problems breathing all is good and is on medicine--wish they could talk--but, the kisses says it all..what a sweet little boy..
You can see how tiny he is--I just love this 4 legged kids--what in the world is so sweet than a cocker spaniel puppy--with never having children they just touch your heart so hard..When you think you are having a bad day you come home see them and it all goes away--well have a Blessed Day!! I'll take more pictures of the store next time I promise--But you all can see that Dogs Rule--God Bless Joni and the family.


  1. My brother just lost his blonde cocker "Skeeter". He is greatly missed. The pups in your photos are adorable-always hard to resist.Too,too cute!!-Jan

  2. so so sorry to hear of your brothers Skeeter-I feel his pain as I've lost 4 cocker spaniels so far--take care hugs to him--

  3. All such cute babies Joni.
    The weather here in WI is just so bizarre isn't it???
    Hope to get to the store soon!
    Have a wonderful time with your newest addition!
    Prim Blessings

  4. Those puppies are oh so cute!! I just had to share with you - I am getting a puppy in 9 days & counting...I'm so excitied...I'm getting a black Cockapoo puppy myself! I can't wait -- we must be in the same thinking process as I have picked out her name to be Sophie! I enjoyed your pictures, Tammy

  5. Oh my goodness i thought I posted here... I was sure I did.
    what precious babies!!!