Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Desk Area is changing

 Well it is done--for almost 2 years I have wanted to get this build over my desk area--so many things kept coming up--well this weekend we got it done--this great old metal piece my sister found on her land--it is all rusty and dusty and worked out just great--the old posts Dennis and I went to Princeton and found the posts--the long sheets of metal came off of a barn in Kellner--this past summer when the heat was so terrible--Ma and I and Dennis found them--a lot of other great finds at the farm--except when Dennis and I went to get an old smoke house--it had been already in the wood cutter--what a shame-it would of looked great in front of the store--I just have to keep looking--so today I went back again and the next photo's you will see--you have to stop by to really see how it looks..

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