Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Updates on Counter and Rugs

 Here you can little Cerwyn Jo--she goes to the back of the sofa and waits for you to take her down--she hasn't-found out how to get off the sofa--I have stairs on one side for her to walk up but, she can' think to use them to get down..what a sweet little baby--she is growing so fast..It's snowing out side--I think winter is here late--today is Kodi's birthday he is 4--Happy Birthday my little man..
 Well here you can see the area is done--can't wait to really change the posts and hang a lot of stuff off of them--once I get back from the Ohio show coming up-I'll find a lot of goodies..
 So here you can see that great old rusty sheet of metal that I got from my sister--it was down lower--except when Dennis and Harley stopped yesterday--when he walked under it he was hitting his head--so we went up higher and than just added some wood in the back for it to stand up.--Like Dennis said you sure don't want someone to hit there head or there eye on that old metal-we thought the post had been taller--as always I had to have measured the tallest one--but--no matter what it still looks amazing..
 This will be neat to hang a curtain on and change this one out a lot of ways--the chips you can see are extremely good..
 This is the metal we got from the old barn--I'm hoping that I have enough of this to do a ceiling in a room off of the garage--that has some old barn wood in it already..that room will be fun to finish once spring gets here..it has no heat or electric yet--that will be fun to finish--seems like I have a lot of started projects to finish..

 Last nite I finished this rug--had a terrible nite so stayed up hooking--so if I would stay on one rug at a time my Country Freckles rug would be done--I started it but, I've done 2 other ones-in between
 So you can see the Country Freckles rug it getting done--tonight I will hook on this for awhile--I think I will work on the back ground..
Here is the pile of cut wool to do the rainbows--I will be up late--my Triton had surgery on her eye lid and I've been watching her so she doesn't rub that eye--she has a circle on her neck-and she finds it hard to get the rite place to sleep--I ordered her the soft cone today--she has to have it on for 14 days..the other kids have no idea what it is they run when she comes by them..so again we have open rug hooking on Thursday's from 10-8 as long as the ladies show up if not I will close at 5--God Bless Each of You--Joni and the kids

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  1. Wow Joni ~ your counter turned out great!!!
    Can't wait to come any visit!!!
    Your baby is growing so fast ~ so cute!!!
    Love the rug hooking!
    Prim Blessings