Monday, December 6, 2010


Hi!!!! So sorry that it takes me so long to update...The store has been really busy--I thank God everyday for the blessings of all the customers that come thru my door... Thanksgiving is here and gone. The time sure goes fast--it seems to  me the older I get the faster the time goes..So as you can see I have  some great new items in the store...The Bench is on wheels and went to a customers home the first week I had it at the store. Thank-you---The hutch is black and beautiful sure holds alot of plates and anything you would love to have it there for show--it would be nice in anyone's home...Anyone looking for a clothes closet--come to Country Freckles this one you will fall in love with...And of course my children (dogs) came to the store and helped me...Faith Marie, my youngest turned 1 Dec 4th--Happy Birthday to you---and Kodi my son will be 3 in Feb- he had fun with my birthday balloons that Lisa got for me...Thank-you Lisa you are always so thoughtful...Well thank-you for checking out the blog--please check back again--if you want a good laugh go and check out
FaithHarvestPrimitives--Rhonda is going to school to be a beauty lady and she permed my hair--love the pictures--the perm is great also---Have fun everyone with your Christmas shopping---
                                 God Bless you All---Joni

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