Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Store on the way!!!!! Working day and night!!!!

So here you can see the new store coming to life, tomorrow it will be 3 weeks of hard work...Thank you first of all to GOD who has made all this possible.  I prayed on this and placed it in his hands and asked what do I do help me!!! And he has...If it wasn't for my faith and family this would not be possible... Thank you to all my customers also..this is for you!!!! the building is 50x80 a ton of space...great location on 8th Street. It
will be easy to find Burger King is right next to the store..We have a ton of things to do--My Mother and Dennis have been so much help!!! I sure hope my 4 legged children still love there Mommie--they sure don't
see much of me...  I  will update you on photo's I have so many but here you can see the progress..Check back often...The old store will be open till mid October and than I will close to set the new store..this will be my 6th Christmas!!!! Thank you all for everything...Prayers and family and friends!!! Live everyday and love eveyday!!!  God Bless you all!!!!   Joni and the kids

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