Thursday, January 2, 2014


 Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year..the time sure went by so fast...and this cold weather we have is silly..if we have cold than we need snow...Been sick for over a week so had some time between sleeping to here is a pattern from RED BARN RUGS than I changed and added 10 flowers for my 4-legged kids...

 This pattern is my next to finish for a friend who just does not have the time to hook so I will show a finished picture soon..
 working on this one also of Red Barn Rugs. it seems like I have at least 3 rugs going at a time..leave one at home and one at the store...
 New from Red Barn Rugs...Cathy will be back next week with patterns and all for us..stop on out on Thursday and some Saturday's and hook with us..
New from Red Barn Rugs also...Cathy was working on it today to finish the ends...have a great day and more updates to follow..

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