Friday, October 5, 2012


 HERE is a new pattern from RED BARN is big and beautiful....this is a must to do..
 HERE is another new pattern..and it is 45x78 or something like that. love the colors this is must also..
 Look at all the ladies checking out all Red Barn Rugs it all...want it all!!!!

 This rug was done by a lady here from Wisc Rapids, it looks so real..the frame is wonderful also..
                      Again one from Red Barn Rugs.. look at how the wool is on some of the pinwheels!!!!
 This would be fun to learn how to hook some of it and than not sure what it is called with the wool penny it want to learn...
 Could you imagine getting this as a wedding gift..just beautiful!! a lady from Rapids did this also..
 A pattern again from RED BARN RUGS..this would take forever, Carol said it took her 4 months..

 This rug is also very large not sure of the size it is Cathy's from RED BARN RUGS and is hanging on her wall at her home..want to go and see this one...
 Look at this sweet little guy, we will be having a class at the store to do our 4 legged children....
This is some wool that I just had to have..not sure what to do yet but, loved it..have a great day!! stop in and see all the great patterns and wool..Mark down November 1st it will COUNTRY FRECKLES 8th Christmas open house...God Bless Joni and the kids.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the rugs. Great inspiration.