Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Had a great time on my trip last week--it was a long drive there and back--the weather was in the high 80's--that was not fun--not ready for this heat yet--and when you have to run back and forth and carry all your great finds and reload and load the trailor it gets hot--stop in and enjoy--today I had a busy day with customers stopping in and buying a lot of the new stuff--wish I could keep it all for myself--to bad my house is small--Thank-you Ma for all your help--not sure how I could do it all on my own--a lot to price and keep everything straight--this Saturday we will have a rug hooking class-so check out my blog again as I will post all the fun we will have--yes I get to take class--can't wait..The news in on and they say it will cool down and rain is on the way--I need to get the weed and feed on the lawn..God Bless each of you --Joni and the kids


  1. I was hoping you'd post all the wonderful goodies you got at market. I'm drooling already ~ don't know when I'll get there ~ don't have any Sat. off yet. Soon I hope!!!
    Thanks for sharing ~ hope to see you soon ~ save some for me!!!
    Prim Blessings

  2. Maybe you will have a few of the newer goodies left when I get back up that way again...but for your sake...hope not! lol