Monday, January 23, 2012

Chicago Shopping and Eating and Family

 Well you probably wonder what this is well, my sister and I left Wisc Friday morning and that was just before the snow hit downtown Chicago--we walked from the Merchandise Mart to the hotel which was a mile and laughed all the way home the snow was coming down at least 6-7 inches of un-plowed snow car horns going crazy--no one can move once the light changes but, for some reason they think if I honk my horn they will move--how crazy is that--well when we returned to the room and had just got comfortable someone tried to get into the room--it worked so we found this ironing board that was attached to the wall by a cord and it fit just perfect in the door way--so we felt much safer..we will never stay at that hotel again..
 So as you can see the ironing board is in place except to go to the bathroom you had to jump over it...
       In the Merchandise Mart this is shown in one of the windows made out of tile for the bathroom..
    This is us walking from the mart to the hotel the taxi was 10.00 each way so why not walk alittle..
 The lights of downtown--my niece (Amanda) came to the show on Saturday so that was wonderful to spend some time with her--you will see we went out to eat--that was a blast---
 Here is Amanda and my sister Chris walking back to the hotel to set down the bags so we can go out to eat..
 First of all they had goat cheese I think I had none--I'm not one to try new things.. They both said that is was great--this was at Kinzie Chophouse on Wells Street--which is next to the mart--we had just left walked to the hotel--then took a taxie back to the area we just walked from--we are all polish--so all we did is laugh--we had a different place picked out to eat but, that wasn't until 9:30--that seems so late to me--to eat--than we came here instead..
  I again afraid to try new things so just had angel pasta with mushrooms and tomatoes and a very light sauce..very good
    This was Amanda's it was Red snapper with sun-dried tomato risotto--it looked good she loved it..
 My sister Chris had Seasame Crusted Ahi Tuna--not for me it was rare she like it so that is all that counts...
        Here Amanda had Key Lime Pie--she said it was wonderful--I had nothing as we had popcorn to eat that we had from the Mart it was the Garrett Popcorn of my must try it someday..
                   My sister had some kinda choc cake--Amanda never uses a flash so that is why it is dark.
 So this is Sunday morning we call to see if we have to wait for a table at the Yolk--we get a taxie again thinking that we have to go back towards the mart because it is off of Wells Street--so we get into the taxi and tell the driver the address and it was around the block so that was--funny so again you have to pay the taxi--so go around the block--oh well it was early--it was only 7:30..My sister ate this is was waffles..
 Here is mine I had the works omlette--with fresh fruit--it was great I didn't eat it all but, it was wonderful--I drank way tooo much coffee--but, that was gooood....
 Amanda had some kind of soft shells with sauce it was called spicey Huevos Rancheros---she liked it..Then we drove her back to her dorm--that was sad to see her there and us proud of her she gets around downtown like she has always been there..
   It was way to early we all woke up fast and ate and wanted to get on the road before the ice I had glasses on as--my eyes had been so blood shot--the drive home was fine until Westfield as I counted at least 6 cars in ditch and the roads had a thin coating of ice--so glad I was almost home--the windshield had started to ice also..So what a great weekend to spend with family--we did alot of walking and buying and laughing..the time went by way to fast--Love you Amanda--and God Bless you and everyone--Joni and the kids

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!!
    Glad to hear you arrived home safe and sound.
    The roads were awful on Sunday.
    Prim Blessings