Friday, October 7, 2011

new pictures

Is this a great island or what!!! It was a special order and the customers just loved it!!!

                 Great island or TV stand--good behind the sofa too!!! Stop in and check it out.
                                                         Nice set back cupboard perfect size..
                                                           another new piece
                            Had two chimney cabinets both gone have to get more than 2 next time.

  This was the tallest of the two-- same customers that had the island ordered took this home also.


  1. You're naughty Joni....Did you do this just to rub it in that I couldn't have that island?? Crimeny - and two photos of it yet - first and last!!! Shame on you. (By the way - I'll be getting back to you cuz my son really liked that one and if there's a possibility of getting one in January, we'd like to....) (Great pieces - all of them....) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin