Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trip to Ohio and back

       This was a full trailor--we shopped for 4 days 7x14 trailor came in handy
    the whole family on the table at home getting ready to come to the store...

                 Turkeys here 1 day gone the next all gone already!!!

   Doesn't this look real???? the mice sure went fast on Tuesday--just a few left..
                                                   Look at this sweet face!!!
    Some big crows--everyone loves crows this is year round
    A TV cabinet great area to display--this was shown in the Country Sampler
                                                             A beautiful antique table
       Do you need a TV table or maybe in the hall way or behind the sofa--come check it out!!!

    This chair is my favorite---yes its all about the 4 legged kids--well it sold the first day!!!

     Nice size dry sink not too big just the right size--great color also

 Look at this cabinet--this would be wonderful in the kitchen with potatoes,and onions-in the bins
a wonderful pumpkin man,turkey and the cat lady--what a great job on all these hand-did items

                                                                 Nice bowl cubby
                             Great cabinet for the counter top to hide all the stuff!!!
                                           Nice cookbook cubby or anyplace..
              Had 4 parlor tables and 2 sold already I have 1 mustard and 1 black..
 This chair is so comfortable--love the black and mustard check-- The trip to Columbus Ohio was a blast--we had a wonderful time
Here you can see this picture was to be at the top of the blog--I'm still learning..

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  1. Oh Joni Girl - you're doing AWESOME!! Love the pics - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the new goodies!! Save me a mouse!! (Seriously!!) I wanna go shopping with you!! Been working on patterns with Cathy - you should see what she's come up with!!! :o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin