Friday, July 29, 2011

Thank-you Karen--

A BIG THANK-YOU to KAREN--everyone please check out you are wonderful--thank-you for all the pictures of my store and your kind words..the first few photos happen to be for a lady who saw your blog and called me about this shelf that she saw on the pictures you took of my store--so to the lady who called me this is the shelf that the arm moves--the other photo is a different shelf but, the bottom bar is attached..This is my rug that I started to use up all my odd pieces of wool, not sure what the end results will be just kinda hooking and changing as I go..Cathy from RED BARN RUGS stopped in yesterday and I will be starting a new one that will have Country Freckles on it--can't wait-my first time with hooking a thicker cut--so we will see how that goes--have a Blessed weekened..again thank you so very much Karen and eveyone that looks at my blog..Also Karen was in the Country Sampler May of 2009--and see all the wonderful items you can buy from Karen on line.


  1. Oh gosh darn it Joni,
    I'm kind of embarrassed right now...did you speak to someone about my post????
    But thank you for letting me know you saw it - you really do deserve to be known and see...just by that someone saw something!!!

    Thanks again Joni and good luck with the shop - I'll be up again.


  2. Hey Joni Girl-

    I saw that wonderful layout Karen did of your shop - it was beautiful!! She captured so many lovely photos of your wonderful goodes...Karen is truly a sweetheart - I'm glad you two were finally able to meet in person!!

    And what's this??? Miss Cathy came to see you without asking me to come along???!! Shame on her!! She probably came down to get that chair I told you not to tell her I liked!!! ;o)

    Your hooking is coming along amazing!! You're going right to town and then some!!

    Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin