Thursday, July 15, 2010

Country Freckles

This cute little dry sink was in the store for 3 days!!!! 3 other great furniture items sold also--sorry no picture forgot the camera that day!!! I learned to keep it with me at all times...
This was a great island!!! It was in my store less than 1 week---I guess that was a good fine for me!!!! Have to get another one--not tooo many customers saw it!!! I price items affortable so we can all enjoy them!!! Stop in and check me out-promise you will not be dissappointed....
See this nice husband, daughter and dog---well they decided to enjoy the day outside my store while the wife/mother was able to shop!!!! What a great guy!!!! How many of us would have a husband or boyfriend who would do that for us????
Here is Rob and my little girl Faith, he just got back from a cycle ride, love the hair Rob!!!!!
Auntie Chris helping Felecity---really Chris couldn't wait to have a piece of cake!!! Chris loves Burnstads cake from Tomah any excuse to get a cake from them...I love donuts only!! No cake for me...
Here is the birthday girl Happy Birthday to you Felecity!!!!! Can't believe she is 5 already!!! Love you, Auntie wishes she could see you more SC is so far away!!!!!

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