Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Here is the front porch of my house, this is the first year that I just love it..The Bunting yes it, is from Country Freckles. And yes I do have more for sale!!!! This hot weather sure has made the hosta's grow, I will be taking more pictures as the flowers begin to bloom.

This flower bed continues around the house, sometimes I wonder why we give ourselves so much work, this is relaxation and therapy..A time for thoughts of our great Lord for the beauty he gives us daily, and the strength to keep going.  God Bless Your DAY !!!  I'm learning to blog so please bare with me and check back..  Joni


  1. Hi Joni,
    New follower here, stop by and visit me sometime. Love your site.

  2. We,too, have huge hostas due to the rain and warmth. They are so beautiful but we cut the bloom stems as fast as they come up. It keeps the growth in the plant ( or so I'm told ). I really don't care for the blooms and all those stems have to be cut anyway! LOL
    Welcome to blog land. I am following now so I will be keeping up with your posts and looking forward to it! Linda

  3. Faith harvest Primitives sent me over to visit. If I lived near your store I would be right over. So many wonderful goodies you have. I love to garden also. My flower beds started out as a therapy type thing for me and now it has became an everyday part of my life at least three seasons out of the year. Your beds are filled out lovely & I will look forward to seeing all the stages of blooms.

  4. Love your blog....and your store is ahhhhhhh awesome!!!!! Beth