Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I have many new items that have been coming in, also the building is up for sale, and I have had some lookers so stop on over and see what items are on sale, the store is open Tues-Sat 10-4.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Many new items at Country Freckles

 Chips and dip the season is here to enjoy the outside, so stop on over and get a bag or two.

 BEAUTIFUL rugs the ladies hook this is a must we hook every Wednesday and such a great group of ladies we all help each other and love to visit with each other.

 The foam flowers WOW is all I can say not to many left sorry had no idea they would go so fast.

 New bags in and this will be the last order so stop on out and get the one you love, ladies we can never have to many bags.

Thank you for looking at the post sorry it has been sometime since the last one I do post often on FB so if you have FB please check me out.  Thank you again open Tuesday-Saturday 10-4

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Some one of a kind hand painted wood amazing

Look at the amazing works of art all painted on a piece of wood, all one of a kind stop on over and get yours before they are gone..I want all of them myself.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sale cabinets and some new hand-did signs

 Stop on in and get the new Simple Life what a great magazine and only $8.95 great ideas and makes you think Spring..
 On Thursday we have some ladies that come in and make these wonderful items this is for a new grand baby just beautiful.
 Bunnies yes, the weather is warming up and what a wonderful gift Beth made me one Thank you so very much.
 My rug is almost done this is for the 5 4-legged kiddos at home and the large flower is ok I am sure I will get more some day and the rainbow is the 4-legged ones that crossed the rainbow bridge and the crow is them flying over the house. Yes I sure love my babies what a fun rug it is to hook the pattern is from Red Barn Rugs I just changed it to be more of me and my family.
 This wonderful cabinet is on sale I have a few maybe's so if interested stop on over or call me thank you.
 This also is on sale great for a TV or add the shelf back in it comes in or out and you can the chair area is the place for the board to go. Wonderful rug that Kaye is working on sorry not sure of the design name but, I sure could find out for you.

Some great cups and rugs all crow items and look at the great signs just came in on Saturday, many more just a snap shot of some of them.

Thank you for checking out my page, also if you would love to come and hook with us, we changed to Wednesday as it seems to work better for some of the ladies. Have a great day weather today is in the high 30's so me and the kiddo's will be going for a long walk/run.  God Bless You All!!