Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Items at Country Freckles

 Love this candle as it has a timer so you can enjoy it and not have to worry about turning it off I sure should of bought more of these going fast.
 Great cabinet use for a TV if you would like or in the kitchen for all the items we all seem to need to have great any place.
SPRING SPRING we sure need to get some items to brighten up the house been a long winter.

Pattern from Red Barn Rugs great colors Ellen is really hooking this fast stop on out and see all the great patterns and wool at the shop, I will post this again as she has more done in a few weeks.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Treenware at Country Freckles

Some great new Treenware items and going fast the bunny and eggs and egg holder not to many left so come on in and if you would like I can also ship. Have a great day.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Primitive cabinets on sale

Look at the great rug for the coffee shop, thank you all who hooked one or two squares, can't wait to get it up on the can see Triton was looking over the rug also..

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wool Rugs and Sale throws

 This past Thursday Cathy from Red Barn Rugs stopped over and look at this beautiful rug a lady is working on the pattern is Red Barn Rugs, it is huge not sure of the size but look at the colors just beautiful maybe someday I will do something this big.

 This cat not sure who's pattern it is but, she will stuff this turned out so nice. the face is amazing...
 This is a pattern also from Red Barn Rugs and the lady that hooked this used alot of wool from jackets and pants and see it in person is just great.

 I have the special of the week and it is throws the price in the store is $48.00 for the 47x82 and on special this week is $38.00, and the 47x54 normal price $45.00 and special is $35.00..if interested message me on face book for Country Freckles thank you.
wonderful for table covers or a throw on the sofa or chair, and great at the end of the bed for an extra cover also..

Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring at Country Freckles

 Waiting and waiting for SPRING items to come in and when they do they go fast, I think we all need some spring with this long the snow, but, this cold has been enough for about you?
 As more items come in I will keep adding to this, I have the water fountain on also, spring will get here soon we just have to keep telling ourselves that..

 So cute with the bunny on the bike, see add some candy in there and good to go or a candle..he can stay out as he does not say Easter..
 The bunnies look heavy but really light, so cute you want to hug them.stop on out and check them out.
Garden Garden who wants to start planting already, oh I can taste the fresh watermelon, oh that sounds so good...Have a great day..God Bless Your Day..

Wool Rugs and Rugs

 New pattern from Red Barn Rugs, what a great size and great to use up some of left overs we all seem to have a lot of...

 My 4-legged daughter Faith Marie likes this one, Red Barn Rugs pattern, working on 3 rugs at the same time..
 Love this pattern also from Red Barn Rugs again using up some of those left over worms just fun to play with colors..
 Here you can see my 4-legged son Sir Barney he is 7 and I just got him in Nov, for 7 years he lived outside and was a stud boy, he sleeps on the sofa and chair and bed, he does not like the floor at my little boy..he is sooooo spoiled already and would not have it any other way...
 Look at this adorable little man that came shopping with his Ma and Dad, he was having very cute..
 Great pattern of a lady from town she had Cathy from Red Barn Rugs, help her with her grandchildren what an amazing rug.
 Pattern again from Red Barn Rugs, what a neat idea to add a frame like around the pattern, way to go Ellen..
This is a pattern from Yvonne Buus Vintage Heart Primitives, I thought I knew what I was doing with colors not sure but, next time Cathy from Red Barn Rugs comes to the shop I will see what I might need to change. what do you think all you great ladies that hook rugs??? Thank you

Friday, January 17, 2014

Bunnies and spring and rugs..

 Do you love the Arnett's Santa's if so here you can see they have Bunnies adorable...

 So darn cute, thought with all the snow we have maybe we can think Spring...but, the snow is beautiful.
 Come on in and get your rug kit and pattern from Red Barn Rugs..once you start to hook you just can't stop...
 Here I was kinda playing with some free wool that a lady had dropped off and some great wool from Red Barn Rugs..the purple mixed one and purple with the blackish strip..we have more at the store..
Stop on out anytime you would like but, on Thursday and sometimes on Saturday you will find us hooking..have a great weekend..